Press release – 13 May 2021: Film triggers childhood memories of being happily lost – what’s your story?

Photographer, Andrew Fitzgibbon, walked the 127 miles of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, making a short film of the experience, narrated by actor Paul Butterworth (The Full Monty, Strike). One viewer wrote how it sparked childhood memories of being lost on the canal and trading football cards for the bus fare home! Andrew now hopes that others will watch and their share experiences to shape a photo book and exhibition of the photographs.

Renowned poet, Ian McMillan, is quoted in the film’s narrative and tweeted, ‘really good film: enjoyed it very much!’. Andrew comments that he wanted to show the waterway in its complex everyday condition and avoid the often-shared photos of pastoral scenes. Although no people are present, he says that the traces left in the landscape form a portrait of life along the canal. For example, a ruined mill’s struggle for redevelopment, or a make-shift garden house at the water’s edge that contrasts with the redevelopment in the cities of Leeds and Liverpool. The hope is that viewers will be encouraged to look closer look at things that often go unnoticed and discover beauty and stories in the run-of-the-mill. Being free to wander again after the long months of pandemic lockdown, certainly offers the chance to look at everyday landscapes with fresh eyes!

Watch for free Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool at and be part of the community contributing to this project. Andrew would love to hear from you (contact through the website) with your stories from the 200 year old waterway, happy or otherwise!


Notes to editors

*donations to my local food bank for anyone who wishes to and can afford to give (mentioned on website).

Andrew Fitzgibbon is a Yorkshire-based photographer, whose practice focuses on portraiture and the socialisation of landscapes. He is a final year BA (hons) photography student with the Open College of Arts (Barnsley), a member of Craven Arts (Skipton), the Redeye Network (Manchester) and the OCA Fotograd Collective. Examples of his work can be found at:

Press images / video clip

Images are provided at 2500px on long-side in sRGB colour space (right-click to download). I’m happy to provide to other specifications for press purposes – please contact me.

Short clip from film (on Vimeo). Can be downloaded or used as embed – follow link to download:

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