Exhibition of Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool

Exhibition of Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool

I’m delighted to share my Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool project with the people of Leeds and beyond in an outdoor exhibition around the Leeds Canal Basin area. The exhibition features installations that link the viewer to the film and project website through QR codes and mobile technology. It asks the question ‘what will you see today?’ as a prompt for viewers to engage in the everyday condition of the canal’s landscape; a theme that runs through the Drifting by The Leeds and Liverpool short film.

The project has a dedicated website that shares information about its making and collaborators in the making of the short film. So far, the work has been featured on BBC Radio Merseyside, in The Yorkshire Post and local press. It was also one of twenty finalists in the Association of Photographers’ student awards (places category).

Please visit the photos of the exhibition at https://leedsandliverpool.co.uk/exhibitions and let me know what you think in the visitor guest book below.

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Craig Sinclair from Wiltshire wrote on 11/09/2021
What a wonderful short film Andrew, you really managed to take the viewer on a journey along the water side and through the mind. Congrats and all the best for the future.
Amano - Photographic Studies wrote on 23/08/2021
I like the way you have introduced the presence of the observer by adding "Drifting" to the title; it is more than an exhibition about place, it is also about the human presence.
Michael Millmore wrote on 22/08/2021
An amazing and appropriate way to exhibit your project and bring it to a new audience. Excellent in so many ways, well done. The different ways you have displayed and repurposed the photographs is very original - love this approach of bringing art into public spaces.
Helen Jones from Bradford wrote on 17/08/2021
Just realised its not a tear but a tree in the picture ! Well done for collaborations as well e.g painting on brick wall excellent.
Helen Jones from Bradford wrote on 17/08/2021
Congratulations on your amazing work Fitz. I thought the film was brilliant but now you have extended the project to take it outside to the public in a new way. I can imagine a lot of hard work has gone into getting permissions, printing the photos and erecting them on the various sites. I hope many people will be drawn to your pictures and film and think more about the canal, its history and current state. Best Wishes for the future. I wonder on the longjevity of some as I see a tear and detaching of one of the posters but I guess this is inevitable with this type of outside installation.

Andrew Fitzgibbon

Yorkshire fine art and documentary photographer.