Exhibition of Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool

Exhibition of Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool

I’m delighted to share my Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool project with the people of Leeds and beyond in an outdoor exhibition around the Leeds Canal Basin area. The exhibition features installations that link the viewer to the film and project website through QR codes and mobile technology. It asks the question ‘what will you see today?’ as a prompt for viewers to engage in the everyday condition of the canal’s landscape; a theme that runs through the Drifting by The Leeds and Liverpool short film.

The project has a dedicated website that shares information about its making and collaborators in the making of the short film. So far, the work has been featured on BBC Radio Merseyside, in The Yorkshire Post and local press. It was also one of twenty finalists in the Association of Photographers’ student awards (places category).

Please visit the photos of the exhibition at https://leedsandliverpool.co.uk/exhibitions and let me know what you think in the visitor guest book below.

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Keith Ledson from York wrote on 14/08/2021
Iā€™m impressed by the way today coexists with pastimes, giving a connection to the origins of the city. The exhibition reminds us of our heritage and our roots in the industry of this country.
Catherine Banks from Chertsey wrote on 13/08/2021
I think this is brilliantly planned and completed, including aspects such as the QR code and visitors' book. Much more realistic than all the online exhibition sites I've seen so far - even the best of them. I had to double-check that this wasn't an actual outdoor Exhibition. Wishing you much success in the future.
Allan O'Neill from Worcester wrote on 12/08/2021
It's a fantastic piece of work on so many levels. Having grown up in the shadows of the Leeds to Liverpool canal I can instantly relate to this project on both contemporary and historical levels. Great work!
Johnathan Hall from London wrote on 12/08/2021
Wow Andrew, what a wonderful way to display your work! I am a big fan of canals (mainly Regent's canal) because there is so much variety to see in the landscape running beside them. For me they are very peaceful, serene places. I think your take on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is thought-provoking with regards to land use while also captures the tranquility of the canal. I can imagine a lot of hard work went into turning the work into an interactive outdoor exhibition during these times so massive congratulations, it looks great šŸ™‚
Sharon Mulberry-Rookes from Cambridgeshire wrote on 12/08/2021
Crikey Andrew, I'm amazed at how your film has grown into so many different venues and ways of showing the stills. Your images deserve to be seen more widely and I'm so pleased for you. The artwork has taken on a life of its own, a sign of a great piece of work. All the best.

Andrew Fitzgibbon

Yorkshire fine art and documentary photographer.